Importance of celebrating children’s birthday. 🎂

The value of celebrating birthday party can help kids build relationships at school and may set them up with life-long friends.
It doesn’t have to be a big celebration. The fancy stuff is great, but kids can enjoy themselves just as much without it. Actually the simpliest turn out to be the most memorable one. 
I don’t mean we don’t celebrate our birthdays; we do. It’s just that our celebrations don’t look like  the others with cake, balloons, presents, and visitors. But my father is always telling me, having a complete family plus a little food to celebrate makes it more special and memorable. 
Until now I don’t do it with my own child. I prefer to take the money I would have spent on a “big” birthday party, buy my child one gift I know she’ll like for her birthday and then let her choose fun experience. 
We’re all relaxed, not stressing over budget, hanging out with the people we love most, intimately celebrating the life of someone none of us could live without and most of all thanking God for another year of life. 🤧